Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Course Outline in Study and Thinking Skills(English1)
1st Semester (2010-2011)

Course Description:
    The course is designed to develop students learning skills and strategies, effective communication techniques, academic study skills and critical thinking skills.

Course  Objectives:
    At the end of the course, students are expected to:
1. To be linguistically competive through oral and written discourse.
2. To acquaint themselves in the field of communication by using different modems such as the internet.
3. To develop their selves through expressing their ideas, thoughts and feelings by using the blog.
4. To be competent and skillful students who can face the outside world.

Course Methodology/ Strategies:
1. Lecture Discussion
2. Reporting
3. Blog
4. Panel Discussion
5. Research Works
6. Comprehension Tests
7. Vocabulary Enrichments

Course Outline:
I. Introduction to Google Asense
II. The Library
    A. Importance of Library
    B. System of Classifying Books in the Library
    C. The Call Number
    D. The Card Catalogue
    E. Parts of the Book
III. Reading Techniques
    A. What is Reading?
    B. Reading Techniques
         a. Skimmiming
         b. Scanning
   C. Reading Comprehension
         a. Literal Level
         b. Interpretative Level
         c. Critical Level
         d. Application Level
   D. Using Context Clues
IV. Study Skills
V. Grammar Points
    A. The Noun
         a. Types of Noun
         b. Formal Characteristics of Noun
         c. Case of Nouns
    B. The Verb
         a. Formal Characteristics of Verbs
         b. Forms of Verb
         c. Properties of Vferbs
         d. Subject - Verb Agreement
         e. Verbals
    C. The Pronouns
         a. Classes of Pronouns
         b. Person and Gender
    D. Modifiers
         a. Adjective
         b. Adverbs
         c. Prepositions
    E. Sentence, Clauses, Phrase
         a. The Sentence
         b. The Clause
         c. The Phrase
         d. Tag Questions
VI. The Paragraph
         a. Paragraph Defined
         b. Characteristic of Effective Paragraph
         c. Classification of Paragraph
         d. Methods of Paragraph Development
VII. The Composition
         a. Nature of Composition
         b. Essential Requirements in Composition Writing
         c. Steps in the Writing 
         d. Guidlines in Effective Writing